US Credits Group’s Section 125 Plan: Encompassing Health

At US CREDITS GROUP, we believe in providing more than just benefits; we aim to transform the way businesses approach employee well-being and financial management. Our Section 125 Plan offers a myriad of advantages, ensuring both employers and employees experience substantial gains. 

With Encompassing Health, you can gain access to the full range of Section 125 Plan benefits. Our personalized solutions offer tax benefits to employees while saving employers money. We offer a variety of solutions to match your company’s needs, including flexible spending accounts and premium-only plans. Collaborate with us to streamline your benefits administration and provide your employees with attractive health benefits.

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No Upfront Cost

The best part? This exceptional plan has no upfront cost to both employers and employees. Experience the benefits without impacting your budget.

Massive Savings

Save up to $800 per employee per year in FICA taxes, contributing to a healthier bottom line. The cost savings don’t just benefit the company; they enhance employee satisfaction, leading to increased retention rates.

Increased Paychecks

Employees receive an average pay increase of $1,300 per year. This boost to their income not only contributes to their financial stability but also fosters a sense of value and loyalty.

Unparalleled Benefits for Employees

Elevate your employee benefits package to new heights. Our plan provides access to $0 co-pay for doctor and urgent care visits, preventive care, mental health support, prescriptions, and more. This comprehensive approach to benefits contributes to a happier and healthier workforce

Can US Credits Group Transform Your Company?

You have a minimum of 10 W-2 employees

Your employees earn a minimum of $18,000/year

Our Section 125 Plan does not disrupt, change or replace any existing medical plans you have in place for your employees

You want to improve employee benefits at no upfront cost for the company

Save up to $700 - $800 per employee per month in FICA taxes while potentially improving employee benefits

Discover Your Annual Savings

Find out how much your business can save by entering the number of employees:

Savings Up To: $0
Employee Net Pay Increase: $0
Total Financial Impact: $0

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If your company has 10 or more W-2 employees making at least $18,000 yearly

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